• With the changes to the Transfinder le interface, please take a moment to review the following information.
    Currently, we are not using the Template feature of Transfinder but may in the future.
    Templates do not appear to be limited by school so you may see another school's templates if any have been created or saved.
    If you take the same type of trip over and over it might make sense to have a template saved.
    Enter a name for the trip that makes sense to you.
    School will use the drop down for your school (most users only have one school available to them)
    Department is Trips, Shuttles, etc.
    The Activity will be the area or trip type.
    Template section
    Enter the sponsor's name and contact information in the Contact fields.  
    Contact fields  
     Enter the Departure school if departing from an existing school. Enter any special instructions specific to this trip in the Departure Notes field.
     Departure fields
    The Destinations section is slightly different. Existing destinations are in the drop down list in alphabetical order and will fill in with any information that has been input by Transportation staff (normally Dispatch) automatically. Please check this alphabetical list before entering any information in these fields.  If your destination is not on the list, the field will take typed information.
    Destination fields  
    Enter trip details, number of students, number of adults and number of wheelchairs (enter zero [0] if none) 
    Trip Details  
    We are not currently using the invoice section, but please enter your PO# in the entry box. 
    Invoicing Fields  
     Finally, click on Save to submit the trip.
    Click to save  
    When logging back in, click on Field Trips in the top menu bar to bring up the search/new field trip selection box.
    You can search for field trips based on name, trip number, status, or even use the filters from the drop down list. If you find that there might be a filter that you would use fairly often we can build it for inclusion in the search screen.
    Filed trip main  
    Clicking on search with no criteria selected will bring up all trips that you have access to.
    Click on the field trip number to open a trip. The status of the trip is indicated by color code at the top right of the screen. 
    Links to multiple pages will be visible when you have more than one page of results. 
    Field Trip list  
    Clicking the small copy icon to the right of the trip will create a new, duplicate copy of the trip.
    Field trip with copy
    New copy  
    From this screen you can also click on calendar view to see your field trips on the calendar, New Field Trip or New Search.
    Additional Buttons