• Transportation Directory

    Patrick Fleming, Director

    5400 E Railhead Ave, Flagstaff AZ 86004

    928-527-2300 Fax: 928-773-4178

    Dispatch, Direct line: 928-527-2304, 928-527-2303
    (use this line if you need to find out the location of a bus)
    Dispatch: Extension 2 - Lori Tapia, Chris Farrel, Laura Sauer
    Dispatch is responsible for field trips and is in direct communication with bus drivers throughout the day. Regular school day hours 5:00 AM - 7:00 PM.
    White Fleet: Direct 928-527-2316 - Laura Sauer
    Small vehicle assignments, staff MVR submissions
    Training: Direct 928-527-2305 Angeline Raab
    White Fleet Training, new driver class scheduling

    Routing: Extension 928-527-2306 - Ginger Thurmond
    Routing is responsible for all timing and bus stop changes. 
    SPED (Special Needs):  9527-2306 - Naomi Morrison
    The SPED Coordinator is responsible for answering all special needs questions, coordinating route set up, and attending IEP meetings. 
    Student Discipline: 928-527-2313 -  Discipline handles driver referrals regarding student behavior on the school bus and works with school staff and administration to coordinate appropriate responses. School bus discipline reports and actions are entered into the Arizona state database.
    Repair Shop: 928-527-2310 - Steve Choate, Shop Foreman The Repair shop is responsible for all repairs on FUSD school buses.  Regular school day hours 4:00 AM to 9:00 PM
    Director: 928-527-2301 - Patrick Fleming The Director is responsible for all aspects of Transportation.