Welcome to the Technology Dept.

Name: Mary Knight
Title: Director
Email Address: mknight@fusd1.org
Phone number: 928-527-6120

Name: Rick Smith
Title: Asst. Director
Email Address: rsmith1@fusd1.org
Phone Number: 928-527-6301

Paul Bradley
Title: Program Secretarystudents using iPad
Email Address: pbradley@fusd1.org
Phone number: 928-527-6150
Fax Number: 928-527-6125

“Providing and supporting a

Providing and supporting a digital age learning environment is critical for today's students.  FUSD's Technology Department services focus on technology leadership through peer coaching, training opportunities and instructional resources, as well as technical and instructional support services for staff and students.  In addition, FUSD's student information system, Synergy, falls within the responsibilities of the Technology Department and is the tool with which student membership, attendance and grades are managed among other items. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you are in need of software support; Google or Edmodo account request information; making a laptop request; or other instructional support issues, please see the FAQ area of the FUSD Web Help Desk at https://helpdesk.fusd1.org.  A great deal of instructional information pertinent to FUSD technology can be found there