Requesting iPad Apps

  • Installing Apps on a Staff iPad

    Staff have a small selection of district approved apps available in their Self Service portal, but additional apps can be obtained via the App Store with a personal Apple ID (not provided by FUSD or ending in

    App Store Steps:
    • Open the App Store
    • Select the icon that looks like a person (top right)
    • Sign out of your FUSD account at the bottom (won't sign your FUSD account out of iCloud)
    • Sign in with your personal account (not provided by or ending in
    • Search & download the required apps


    To create a personal Apple ID without a payment method visit:

    Requesting Apps for Student iPads

    ***UPDATED 01/29/21***

    Student App Screening and Request Process for Fall 2020

    During this unpredictable and ever-changing time, we have decided to allow for the continuation of app requests to be added to the student app self-service portals.  

    To minimize the impact on both student devices and staff capacity, the following must be considered prior to making any app request:

    • Check the Elementary App Sheet or Secondary App Sheet to see if the app you need for your students is already available in their Self Service portal
    • Only free apps will be considered at this time. To check if an app is free access the Apple App Store, search for the app name, and reviewing the cost next to the app icon.
    • Student devices have limited storage space. Each installed app requires the usage of some of the iPad storage space. Please check the app size before making a request and be aware of the number of apps students are being asked by their multiple teachers to install. Anything over 400 MB will not be approved.
    • Many apps or the products that they access on iPads have terms of service that require parent/guardian permission for use by students or have age restrictions for use. Please conduct a Google search for the terms of service for the app you are considering by entering the app name+terms of service to review potential issues in the use of the app.

    If you feel you have an additional free app that may be needed, please fill out the 2nd tab at the bottom of the Elementary App Sheet or Secondary App Sheet. Please keep in mind that apps that are deemed non-essential, are large sizes, or with restrictive Terms of Service are often delayed/denied.