The Camp IWANNAGO Totem you see in the logo above, represents every grade animal guide. Each totem animal represents a character trait that this group will focus on. The team of leaders you see working at camp also have their own animal totem, the Lion. Our Lions work to catch kids in the act of following these character traits. When they catch them, the Lion will write a Critter Card giving your camper half to take home and turning the other half into our Lion in charge of the Critter Crew. These are not easy to get, as good behavior alone does not earn them. The camper must go above and beyond the expectation to demonstrate their character trait (or any other) to earn them. Earning 5 Critter Cards allows your child to become a part of the Critter Crew. Critter Crew members earn some extra privileges at camp. They get to be the students called to help when the staff ask for it, they have special field trips, and extra swim days just to name a few. Each week, all the Critter Cards earned are placed into a drawing for a special prize bag at our Friday Events.
    Kindergarten Koalas learn that Kindness is...         .Koala

    Helping out when you would rather play and trying to make someone’s day.


    First Grade Sea Turtles learn that Trustworthy means…    Sea Turtle

    Being honest with everyone and doing what you say you will do. 

    Second Grade Pandas learn that Empathy is…    Panda    

    Being able to understand how someone else feels.

    • when you feel an emotion with someone, even if you're not in the same situation
    • when you see things from someone else's perspective 

    Hawks learn that Responsibility means...    Hawk

    Accepting the consequences of your actions, whether they are good or bad.

    Wolves learn that Teamwork means... Wolf

    Working together with a group to accomplish what one could not accomplish alone. 


    Jaguars learn that Integrity is...    Jaguar

    Making the right choice, no matter the circumstances or consequences. 

    Tigers learn that Perseverance is…    Tiger

    A personality trait that pushes you to overcome difficulties.

    • Having perseverance means that when you are facing a challenge, you use your mind and body to overcome it