•     Hourly Rates and Fees
             (Effective June 1st, 2016)  
    • $4.50 per hour for 1 child
    • $7.00 per hour for 2 childrenleupp girls
    • $9.50 per hour for 3+ children
    • $50.00 per family annual registration

    FACTS is billed hourly based on your child's attendance. Our fees are for the hour or portion of the hour. There is a maximum "grace period" of 15 minutes allowed every hour. 

    1 hour 14 min = 1 hour of billable time
    1 hour 15 min = 2 hours of billable time  
    • All FACTS programming requires pre-payment.

    • Family accounts must carry a credit against which hours in FACTS will be charged (i.e. if you have a credit of $45, one child may attend for10 hours, at which time you will need to submit an additional payment for further time in FACTS.  

    Parents: After you have registered, you are encouraged to explore the Kids Care Parent Portal, where you can...

    • Review you account balance 
    • Make a payment
    • Print Tax Statement


    Scholarships for the regular school year are accepted throughout the entire school year (as long as monies are available). 

    Approved scholarships remain in effect through the last day of the current school year, regardless of the approval date.

    All FACTS scholarships require a minimal co-pay based upon the family income and must be paid in advance at least weekly.