Rates and Scholarships

  • 2024-2025 Hourly Rates and Fees
    • $8.00 per hour for 1 child
    • Multi-child discount 33% off each additional child 
    • $50.00 per family annual registration fee.
    • Late pickup fee of $1 per minute after the session closes. Excessive lateness will result in your child's removal from the program.  
    • If your child does not attend in the mornings/afternoons as you are scheduled, your account will be assessed an $8.00 fee for each no-show (ie, $8.00 for the morning and/or $8.00 in the afternoon as scheduled).  
      • If the school nurse sends your child home early because of illness, this fee will be waived.  The school nurse does not know if your child is in FACTS, so you must still contact your FACTS site to let them know your child was sent home by the school nurse.  
    • Failure to sign your child physically in at morning drop off or sign out at pickup will result in your account being billed for all available FACTS hours that day.  Repeated missed sign-in/ outs will result in your child's removal from the program.
    • In the event your automatic payment is declined, and no other payment is made by the end of the Saturday each week, a late payment fee of $25 will be assessed.   

    FACTS is billed hourly based on your child's attendance. Once your child is signed in, you are billed for the first hour.  After the first hour, the billing is rounded up to the next 15 minutes.  

    • 0 - 1 hour = 1 hour billable time 
    • 1 hour 1 min = 1 hour 15 minutes of billable time
    • 1 hour 16 min = 1 hour 30 minutes of billable time  
    • Payment is due on Saturday for the time used the prior week.
      • The building schedule is Thursday - Wednesday.
      • Each Thursday the prior week is invoiced  
      • Invoices will then be sent to the primary account holders' email
    • A credit card or bank account must be put on file at the time of registration.  
      • If the charges are declined, your child may not return to FACTS until all fees are paid and a valid credit card or bank account is added to your account.    
    • Fees will be automatically charged to the credit card on file every Saturday.  
    • Payment can be made before Saturday if you would prefer to use a different method of payment.
      • If you would like to use a different credit card for a one-time payment, you can log onto your account and make that payment in Eleyo. 
      • NO payments will be accepted at any FACTS sites. We accept checks or money orders at the FUSD Administration Building ONLY, 3285 E Sparrow Ave.  We recommend that you call ahead to ensure that a FACTS Team Member is available to help.  (928) 527-6180.
        • In the event a check is returned for non-payment, a $25 fee will be assessed to your account, and you will no longer be allowed to pay by check. 
      • We do not accept cash payments.
    • For any questions or concerns regarding invoices, fees or credits, you can check the status by contacting FACTS Assistant Coordinator, JayLissa Mockta at jmockta@fusd1.org or (928)527-6180.

    Scholarships and Subsidies

    • Scholarships for the regular school year are accepted throughout the entire school year (as long as monies are available).  
    • Approved scholarships remain in effect through the last day of the current school year, regardless of the approval date.
    • All FACTS scholarships require a minimal co-pay based upon the family income.
    • To apply for a scholarship, complete the FACTS Scholarship Application Form
    • For additional information regarding the Scholarship or Subsidy programs, contact FACTS Assistant Coordinator, JayLissa Mockta at jmockta@fusd1.org or (928)527-6180.