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    Registration Information 

    FACTS 2024-2025 Registration Now Open 

    Online Registration and Payments
    Review our account creation help document for step-by-step instructions on how to create your account. After setting up your account, make sure to add family and emergency contacts.

    Setting up your account does not enroll you in FACTS. It will save time when you do register by auto-filling many registration fields. You may find that during the course of the year you may need to make changes to your children's schedule. Please follow the FACTS Schedule Change Requests help sheet.  

    Medication consent form
    If your child requires medication of any type, this form must be completed and returned to the FACTS program before we can administer that medication. You can get the form here.

    Medication requirements

    • Any medication must be in the original packaging.
    • The prescription must be for the student indicated on the consent form.
    • Expired medication will be returned and can not be used.
    • Over-the-counter medication can be provided for FACTS as well.
    • Medication dosage instructions provided must be in-line with manufacturing use instructions.