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Camp Iwannago Rates and Payment Information

  • Rates and Fees

    • Camp Iwannago is divided into two sections daily AM and PM.  You can pick one or both for each day you would like your child to attend.   
    • $20 per section AM or PM per child.  
    • $25 per section for drop-ins (Any dates requested the after the Wednesday of the prior week, must be requested online is subject to approval)
    • Multi-child discount 33% off each additional child.
    • $20 per family registration fee. 
    • Late pick fee of $1 per minute per child after closing. Excessive lateness will result in your child's removal from the program. 
    • Late payment fee of $25. In the event your automatic payment is decline and no other payment is made by end of day Sunday each week a late payment fee will be assessed.


    • Payment is due on Saturday for all scheduled session for the upcoming week.  
      • Each Thursday the next week will be invoiced
      • Invoices will be sent to the primary account holders email
    • A credit card or bank account must be put on file at the time of registration.
    • Fees will be automatically charged to the credit card on file every Saturday.
      • If the charges are declined your child may not attend camp until all fees are paid and a valid credit card or bank account is added to your account.
      • All scheduled date for that week will be removed if payment is not made by the end of the day on Sunday.  
    • Payment can be made before Saturday if you would prefer use a different method of payment.
      • If you would like to use a different credit card for a one time payment you can log onto your account make that payment in Eleyo.
      • We accept checks or money orders at the FACTS main office only, 3285 E Sparrow Ave. We reccomend that you call ahead to ensure that a FACTS Team Member is avaible to help. (928) 527-6180.
        • In the event a check is returned for non-payment a $25 fee will be assessed to your account and you will no longer be allowed to pay by check.
      • We do not accept cash payments!
      • NO payments will be accepted at camp.
    • Any fees or credits that existed on your previous FACTS account will be moved into your new Eleyo account. It may take a few day for this to happen but you can check the status by contacting Melissa Klemp, or (928) 527-6180.


    • FACTS Camp Iwannago accepts DES subsidies
    • For additional information regarding the Subsidy programs contact Melissa Klemp, or (928) 527-6180.